MAKEDA: the formula of conscious beauty

No, it’s not normal to endure the waxing pain or take the risk of laser hair removal. You don’t have to start all your mornings with a razor. Basically, it’s a mistake to spend your life fighting unwanted hair.
We are sure that you can make your skin perfectly smooth in a natural way with care and respect for your body. Therefore, we’ve created MAKEDA, a unique organic lotion that permanently removes excess hair. It is suitable for both women and men, certified in Georgia, Mexico and Ukraine and tested by customers around the world.
We created MAKEDA, because we carefully treat your health and value your time. We made this lotion for ourselves to share knowledge with you and confidently say: yes, it works!

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About our company

Divine Cosmetic is a Georgian company, launched ten years ago as a small cosmetic laboratory. We worked with each client individually creating products, taking into account the peculiarities of his/her health, skin type, age and result desired. Our longstanding principle is to use only what we are 100% sure of, therefore our products always included natural or the safest manmade components.
We have used vast experience of such work in the development of beauty products, which are totally unique in the mass market. Naturally, they are tested and certified in professional laboratories. But, more importantly, they are tested and loved by many customers all over the world.

How to buy MAKEDA

36.9 $

You can order the lotion on our website and pay online with any credit card. We ship worldwide with local courier services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MAKEDA trade mark is registered by United States Patent and Trademark Office (Reg. No. 6,061,220. Registered May 26, 2020).

Yes, the lotion was tested and certified by the Georgian laboratory “Norma” (according to the GOST standard, test report No. 312-45-203 of December 20, 2017); in Ukraine (Certificate of State Epidemiological Service from February 22, 2019); in Mexico (Comision Federal para la Proteccion contra Riesgos Sanitarios).

No, the lotion is 100% phytogenic; it contains natural fats and essential oils.

Of course! The action of the lotion is based on natural processes that are the same in the bodies of both women and men.

4-year testing in vitro (in the laboratory) and in vivo (by the customers) did not reveal allergic reactions among consumers.

Thanks to the dispenser, the lotion is economically consumed; it is easily spread over the skin, and you need to apply a thin layer. The bottle lasts for 1-1.5 months for large surfaces (for example, legs), and for several months for armpits or bikini area.

Definitely! The lotion affects the hair follicle only, while the laser destroys the cell’s DNA. Read more about this in the following studies: Radiation Research.

After 1.5-2 months, the amount of hair decreases by 30-40%, hair becomes lighter, softer and thinner. Areas without hair appear.

No, it contains natural oils. They moisturize the skin similar to your custom body cream. Moreover, the lotion relieves inflammation after depilation, as it is antiseptic.
It is better to apply the lotion in the evening, as the skin regenerates at night.
The lotion is absorbed rather quickly, you can wear light-colored clothing or go to bed as soon as half an hour after applying.
Yes, you need to use it every day if you want to remove hair completely within the specified time. But consider the time you will spend without hair removal and it won’t seem that much, right?
Yes, you can. Experience has shown, however, that after the third laser procedure + MAKEDA, the hair becomes lighter and subsequent courses of laser hair removal are ineffective, as the hair becomes too light to be caught by the laser photon. If you wish, you can start with a laser, but later you will have to switch to bio depilation.
We do not recommend pregnant and lactating women as well as adolescents up to 16 years to use MAKEDA.
Do it when you naturally need it, during the course.